Thursday, January 22, 2009

A True Wrestling Love Story!

Fans, sit back as I am going to weave a story that is filled with love, love lost, anger, hatred, and jealousy. A story that starts in Philadelphia, PA at a Velocity Pro wrestling show. The Wrestling Nation was on hand to witness something special, show our support, and to film Nation TV.

It was a fun filled evening as we talked to wrestling star after wrestling star. We filmed a great show that night. And what started out as a simple interview with the ever so lovely Noel Harlow turned into something that words make it hard to explain. As I stood there asking her about her career there was a spark. A moment when our eyes met and both of us could feel that tension in the air. But being the professional that I am I continued the interview. I pushed aside the feelings that were starting to over take me and I asked yet another question until it got to the point that I could not take it any longer. I let out what my heart was holding back and told her just how beautiful she is really is. Now I know Todd was taken back at what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe what was going down right before his very eyes. But it just couldn’t be stopped. That is until that bastard Niles Young had to walk into our interview. He had to come in and ruin what was becoming something on the verge of being great. He had the nerve to grab his lady and move her to the side then brutally attack me. Slap me across my chest then throw me through an open door. Now I could not tell you what happened next as I lay face down in a dark hallway with not only a bruised chest but a bruised ego as well.

Here is the aftermath of what happened. It has taken me several months to get over the attack and actually watch this. But this is what happened after I was thrown through a door.

Now fans I am not a wrestler. I have never been trained to get into the ring. Yet was attacked by this mad man. A man that just doesn’t seem to get it that his lovely lady may have eyes for another. Let’s be real Niles, and yes I will call you Niles, you have lost the war my friend. I know you were off watching that interview and it made you nervous. Noel has a job to do when she is at ringside and that is to distract your opponent and she does that like no other with her beauty and sexual suggestions. But this was not at ringside, this was in a simple interview and you couldn’t stand the fact that we have chemistry. That what looked like simple flirting was so much more then that. A bond was born that evening…a bond that carries over to this very day. Yes Niles…to this very day! I know you two are having problems…trust me I hear it all the time in the phone calls and emails I get from Noel. You’re a bastard! You don’t respect her and you don’t treat her like a lady should be. Noel should be treated like a Queen!

But enough of him…lets continue on with this love story. Over the next several weeks there were plenty of emails going back and forth. I would sit at home and feel bad hearing about how horrible her day was. How she would come home to find him sitting on the couch doing nothing. Never lifting a finger to help. Never offering to step up like a man and help take care of issues. Instead he would yell…he would scream. The Nation was on its way to MCW to film a show when I got an email on my phone. It was from my heart Noel! She was scheduled to be on the show that night. We were going to yet again be able to spend time together and let our love grow. But her email turned my stomach. She was not going to be able to make it due to her being sick but would make it up to me, that she promised. Now I have to say that it hurt to not see her. Knowing we were going to a show that I was all jacked up to see because of her and now she was not going to be there. I had a very heavy heart that night. I am thankful for my Nation brothers who helped me on that night. Without them I do not believe I would have made it through.

But it was not all bad that evening. Noel’s email did say she had a surprise for me and what a surprise it was! We were finishing up filming that night and getting ready to leave when we saw Chrissy Rivera sitting by herself. I walked over to say good night when she handed me a piece of paper. On this paper was a phone number…the phone number of an angel! It was none other then Noel’s number. I was now in heaven! Our relationship had just taken the next step and we were on the track to being a couple.

At the end of Nation TV you can see the entire exchange between myself and Chrissy. What you will also see at the end if me talking to Noel on the phone. And what a conversation it was!!! It was during this talk that she told me she was sorry for Niles attacking me. She also went on to tell me how they were having major issues in there relationship and how she wanted to be with me. To hear those sweet words come out of the mouth of an angel made my night. I don’t even remember making it home to be honest. It was at this point that I think I was the most happiest I had been since my son was born. The thought of having this lovely woman with me, on my side and at my shoulder…my words will never do it justice.

Now over the next few months our relationship had grown. My only concern was the fact that she was still with him. He pretty much had her trapped into that relationship but we were working on getting her out. Every night she would call me and I would tell her Good Night as he would be downstairs living a different life. They were more like room mates then anything. There was a bond that could not be broken between us…and the first time she told me she loved me…was simply amazing!

Let’s fast forward a little bit. Again in Philly and again I get the chance to see my love. The Nation shows up in full force for another great Velocity Pro show. We are there to film the show and try and get some stuff for our website and Nation TV! When out of the corner of my eye I see the most beautiful woman ever…it’s my Noel! What was pure joy quickly turned to anger as I see Niles Young walk in behind her. This piece of trash turns and tosses his bag to her as he walks off leaving her to take care of everything. I tried to ignore it but it was just too much. Todd had to pull me aside and remind me why we were there. So I turned a blind eye to that garbage and continued to set up. After a few moments I hear my name being called. I turn to see Noel running over towards us. She jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest, most complete hug I have ever received. I was filled with nothing but love at that moment. She kissed me on the cheek and said she would catch up to me later that evening then ran back across the room.

We filmed the show and did our thing. It was a great show from top to bottom. As we were getting ready to leave for the evening I happened to see Noel standing off in a corner freezing. She was shaking it was so cold. Standing behind her, in a long warm looking coat was Niles Young. What kind of sick bastard would just stand there and let his “love” freeze like that? I had to make my move! This was turning my stomach. Todd and I walked up as I saw Niles head off. I asked Todd to go keep him busy for just a moment so I could say my Good Byes and make this situation right. Take a look…

I am getting sick and tired of people coming up from behind me and attacking me. At what point will this “man” stand face to face with me? I will answer that, never! Niles Young is a coward. He can’t stand the fact that he has lost his woman to the better man! That he can’t satisfy her like I can!

You have seen how this animal is in videos. Let me tell you another story about Niles Young. I sent Noel a letter in the mail. Of course I didn’t put it from me…come one? I asked Noel if she got it…she said no. This damn bastard is going through her mail and got rid of my letter before she ever saw it. How sick is that? So fans, at the expense of my own dignity…I will post the letter I sent her here…for the entire world to see.


I am taking a moment to think of you, which follows all the moments I think of you, which fill my day.

And in this moment, I am thinking of your lips, your eyes, your features and your figure; your warmth as I hold you; the smell of your hair as we kiss -- all the things that excite me when I look at you and am near you.

I am thinking of them, and reflecting how little they mean when I also think of you -- the inner you. The soul I have come to know and cherish, for your kindness with people, your gentle manners, and the way you strive to be a better person every day. This is what I love. The you that I know last forever, and that I intend to be with forever.

I love you so much for all that you do and all that you really are. Thank you for everything.

Yours Truly,


A lot of time and effort went into this letter and it was destroyed by a man that just can’t handle the fact that his time came and went. My friend, you are on your way out so come to grips with that fact. Once you do your day will be so much better. And maybe one day you will understand why this happened Niles. You will see the errors of your way and learn to treat your women better and with respect. Then, and only then, will you find true love…the very same love that Noel and I share.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ROH in Manassas (my thoughts)

Its been a few days since Ring of Honor made its return to Manassas, VA on January 16th and now I can sit back and look at what happened. I think I needed the time to really take in what my fellow Nation member Todd were witness too. It was fun being a fan again, something we really haven't don't in a long time. To sit there and tear into people is an amazing feeling that everyone should have at least once. Or for a real show come sit next to us and witness it in all its glory! But enough about came to see my thoughts on what happened.

Sports Network and Fitness Inc.
January 16th, 2009
8320 Quarry Road
Manassas, VA 20110

I am going to start out by talking about this great, and I use that word loosely, wrestling venue. It in an indoor sports complex that plays hosts to indoor soccer and other sports. This is the third ROH show they have held in this building. Its not the most impressive place but it does its job. I am sure ROH could find a much better place to have the show, but then it most likely wont be in Manassas. I would guess 300 to 400 people were there?


Ernice Osiris and John Kermon defeated Dirty Sanchez and Andy Ridge after Ernie pins Ridge with a spike double-arm DDT.

It is great to see John and Sanchez in ROH, even if its the preshow. Both of these guys are friends of the Nation and deserve a shot.

Grizzly Redwood pinned Ninja Pink with a top rope axe handle.

Uhhh...yea! Grizzly is somehow over with the crowd, thought not sure why.

Main Show

Brent Albright & Erick Stevens defeated Damien Wayne & Chris Escobar with a half nelson suplex/clothesline on Escobar.

Erick Stevens has the mohawk coming in again. Damien Wayne is another friend of the Nation and it was very hard to watch him basically get ripped open chop after chop. It literally looked as if Freddy Kruger had attacked him after the match. Albright and Stevens are way over and look good as a team. Interesting fact, Brent is 3-0 in Manassas so far.

Rhett Titus vs. Sean Denny ends in a no contest as Bison Smith came through the crowd and ran right over both guys. Before the run in both were in the middle of a very solid 8 minute match. Both of these guys are great and again, friends of the Nation. Do you see a running theme here folks? Bison Smith is a huge man who we found out wrestled in Japan for NOAH. ROH needs to keep this guy around.

The Necro Butcher defeats Delirious with a Tiger Driver.

Necro was in control early on but Jacobs attacked his knee, which led to Dilirous working it over. The end of the match came when Jacobs handed Dilirous the spike. Daizee ran out and talks him out of hitting Necro with it and hands over the spike which led to the ending. I am a fan of Dilirious and tonight he played the heel role very well...not a lot of running around and was very quiet. Its always odd to see Necro as you are used to him bleeding like a pig but this is 2 times in a row we have not seen that happen, with one being in Philly in a cage.

Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards defeat Jay Briscoe & Roderick Strong with a superkick/German suplex combo on Jay after Larry Sweeney hit him with a boot.

As of this point in the show this was the best match. The crowd was really into it. Davey Richards is a machine in the ring. I wish Jay would have found a better tag team partner thought. Not really a fan of Roderick Strong and maybe it was just me but he looked very slim in this match. Either way it was an awesome match and left everyone pumped for the 2nd part of the night.


Jerry Lynn beat Austin Aries by dropping down on his as Aries went for a sunset flip out of the corner.

Aries came out with new tights and new music. He was sporting the very in porn stache tonight which he said he would explain in his manifesto. Wasn't expecting too much from this match because of Jerry Lynn. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a great guy and has always been very nice to us but its the same match over and over again with him...arm drag...arm bar...arm drag...arm bar...but not tonight. Jerry was all over the place. Maybe it was the new Austin Aries gimmick that threw me...not sure.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Bryan Danielson by rolling through the Triangle Choke for a pin.

A fantastic match with Danielson's right knee being the target all match. My favorite match of the night far. Maybe I am going to sound gay here, but I am a huge Bryan Danielson fan. This guy has everything you want from a wrestler. Someone needs to pick him up after his ROH contract ends and give him a main stream push. Not that I would care if he stayed in ROH, but if that happens put the title on him! Jacobs won in what some may call an odd finish but its whatever. It did what it was supposed to do.

Tyler Black pinned Nigel McGuiness with a powerbomb in the corner followed by a stiff superkick.

This match just fell flat for me and here's why. ROH has kind of become known for its reversals and near falls. it just seemed as though the match never really built up to a finish. Tyler Black's win came almost out of nowhere and it felt like he didn't really earn it, more like he lucked into it. I really feel like Black deserves a decisive win here and even though it was clean it didn't feel like he really won. The match itself was fine but didn't really escalate or climax at any point. I have no problem with Tyler winning at all...its a good thing...but something was not right about it. From the start this match didn't excite me as it was non-title.

It seems like the crowd really wanted more then they were given. Considering the talent level and the amount of talent around everything just fell short of great and stayed in the "yeah it was good, but" area. It seems as though each Manassas show has been worse then the last. ROH returns June 12th, so lets hope it gets better. On the flip side I can sorta give ROH a pass. The past 2 Manassas shows have been on the heels of a major shows so it was sorta treated as a warm up if you will. This show had nothing going on after except another small show in Jersey the next night. In the past we have seen all of the great Japanese talent come through and maybe that was what was missing at this one. Nothing on the card really jumped out at me saying "YOU NEED TO BE HERE!"

Match of the Night: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bryan Danielson

As always thanks for reading. Your thoughts are always welcome. Make sure to check out


Monday, January 12, 2009

ROH in Manassas!

Well fans I am back with another thoughtful and deep blog about the goings on within The Wrestling Nation. For the few of you that have checked them out I say thank you! Spread the good word because...well I think I have some pretty damn good stuff to talk about. Before I get into the heart of what this blog will be about I want everyone to go check out Make that stop on a daily basis! Make sure you check us out on Rage TV with Maryland Championship Wrestling as well. Send them an email telling them just how great we are on the show! It would really bring a smile to my face. Something else that would make me smile, make sure you boycott shitty tats and all of his garbage he puts out. Send that rip off an email as well telling him how much he sucks out loud. Todd went into it in his latest Mayhem Report ( about how much this kid has ripped us off with idea after idea. No need for me to do it, but just look at the end of his videos with the snowy TV...MY IDEA! Anyway, lets get down to it shall we?

Friday night, January 16th 2009...Ring of Honor makes its return to Manassas, VA. Anyone that was at the first two shows knows they brought it! They turned the crappy Sports Network & Fitness place into a great showcase for that talent. Now before I get into the shows lets talk about this crap hole for a minute. The place sucks! There I said it. Its a horrible place to put on a wrestling show. Anyone that has ever seen this place or been to it knows what I am talking about. Its an indoor soccer/every other sport you can think of building. The place smells like a toilet, which it only has one of btw! Nothing like standing in ankle deep urine as your favorite ROH star runs in to dump out before his match. But they try...and pull it off to a small degree. I guess once the lights go out and the wrestling starts you forget the death trap is even there. You get caught up in the chants and the action and until the show is over you are transported to an actual venue watching some of the greatest wrestling on the planet!

Anyway, the first two Manassas shows were legit. The very first one very well might go down as one of the better shows I have ever seen personally. The second, though a notch below the first, was very well put together and the action was non-stop. I am very interested to see how it goes this week. The other shows were the beginning of the weekend. ROH was putting on a huge shows the following nights. That is not the case here, which you can tell by looking at the booked talent for that night. In previous shows we have been treated to Japanese wrestling at its finest. Not at this show. Now I am not saying this show doesn't look good because it does, we just don't get the people from over seas this time. But lets talk about the show itself shall we?

We are going to see Sean Denny take on Rhett Titus! Sean is a friend of the Nation. We have seen this guy wrestle many times and he has always been good to us. We like this guy a lot and its great to see him return to ROH. But he is going up against Rhett Titus. If you don't know who this guy is you need to go right now and look him up on youtube or something. Rhett is a great guy that has done some stuff for us in the past. His character is perfectly done and you have to be a fan. Sean is very stiff in the ring and I expect this to be a great match. If this opens the show it will kick it off perfectly.

In tag team action we will see Brent Albright and Erik Stevens take on Damien Wayne and his partner Chris Escobar. Damien is another friend of The Wrestling Nation and again, glad to see him back in ROH. Brent Albright and Erik Stevens are ROH staples and are both bad ass. The last time we saw Erik Stevens wrestle he was busted open at the beginning of the match and wrestled the entire time covered in blood. It was flowing out of his face like a water fall people! Its going to be a great tag team match!

Now any other time this match would be great to watch, but fans we are in Virginia so that just took the life out of it. In VA you are not allowed to bleed, and that is what Necro Butcher is known for. Now the last time he was here he did bleed a little and I have no idea how they got around that one. But Friday night he takes on Delirious and again, great looking match on paper. The no blood takes away from it a little, but it is what it is. Now I am not expecting some scientific wrestling match here folks, it should be a knock down drag out fight.

Austin Aries vs. Jerry Lynn...if this were 5 years ago I would be all for it. I am a fan of both guys but Jerry Lynn is getting old fans. His matches consist of arm drags and more arm drags...and more arm drags...and...well you get the picture. This is a good filler match and I know the fans will be into it, but I cant put my stamp on this one.

But this match I can...the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards taking on Roderick Strong and half of the baddest tag team on the planet today, Jay Briscoe. Mark was injured at the hands of these guys earlier so Jay had to find a tag team partner. Roderick Strong is a monster in the ring and this match will be everything its billed to be. Really the only thing missing are both Briscoes but you take what you can. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are top notch, no doubt about that at all. I don't think I can describe this match with simple words. All I can say is you need to be there to watch it!

"Best in the World" "Best in the World" "Best in the World" That is what you will be hearing Friday night as "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson takes on Jimmy Jacobs. I am sorry and I know what I am going to say is going to hurt some people, if they even read this, but Bryan is going to eat Jimmy alive. Jacobs was thrown to the wolves here folks. Dont get me wrong, Jimmy Jacobs is as talented as anyone on the planet but he is going against a monster. The first time we saw Danielson I asked Todd why they called this guy the best in the world...well he proved it that night. He has proven it every night we have seen him in the ring. I think its going to be a fun match to watch...but when you hear the fans chant "Your going to get your fucking head kicked in!" You know its on!

Main event people...or at least you would think. Nigel McGuiness takes on Tyler Black. Could have been a great match...then they said it was non-title. Nigel will not be putting the ROH World Title on the line that night. To me, that lets the entire match down. No doubt it will be a great match but its...blah! ROH is all but telling me that Tyler will win this match but since its non-title it means nothing. Some people will be happy as hell because Tyler won and they will come out and say how he deserves a title show...and he does, just not now. The one time I met this kid he was pretty good to talk too. Tyler Black is talented. Scary talented for a guy that young in this business. And I am sure at some point he will become ROH World Champion...I just don't think it will happen anytime soon. And by that I say in the next 6 months. Could he be champ by the end of the year...sure. Nigel has the full package. The guy is talented, he can work the mic, he has it all. I have never heard Tyler talk other then backstage. For all I know the guy is a damn mute! If the split of AOTF is what is going to push this kid to the title then great. Get him over as a face and see what happens. All I am saying is there are people that should get that title before him...but must my opinion. So you can take it for what its worth. But anyway, the match should be good but the Non-title thing has taken my excitement and lowered it a little.

Well that's my look at the ROH show this Friday night. Be on the look out for results on and our take on the show itself. Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


Friday, January 2, 2009

And so we continue...

Fans, 2008 has come and gone. For many people 2008 was a banner year, yet for some it could easily have been forgotten. For me, 2008 was the beginning...the beginning of The Wrestling Nation! Earlier you read a brief history of how The Wrestling Nation came into existence. All I can say is it has been a rollercoaster ride that I for one do not want to get off of. We have done more in such a short time then most will ever do in this business. And yes, I consider us a part of the wrestling business. No, we are not on the grand stage and performing in front of crowds. We are not the ones that the ring rats are crawling after. Instead we are the guys that are putting a face and voice on what you see in the ring. We play a little part in bringing you the behind the scenes look at some of the best action on the planet.

So now that we are into 2009 what will happen? Your guess is as good as mine but I do know we are only going to get stronger and better! There is a piece of garbage out there that actually had the nerve to say to me that, and I quote, "You guys need me!" Where are you now with your crappy tats and horrible videos? That's right, your nowhere! You could have easily been on board for this ride with us and helped shape what we are doing but instead you wanted to run off and do your own thing. You wanted to free-lance. You didnt want to be part of the family and be a team. Well my friend, I wish you all the luck in the world because your going to need it. The Wrestling Nation is your official home for Maryland Championship Wrestling! We are on the verge of being your official home for Velocity Pro Wrestling! And after that...the sky is the limit! 2009 is going to be the year that The Wrestling Nation takes over the INDY wrestling scene!

MCW Holiday Hell Wrap-up

Velocity Pro Music Video

Monday, December 22, 2008

Shitty Tats - A Nation story!

Shitty Tats…a Nation Story!

Where to begin? I guess the beginning is as good a place as any as I weave you a story full of triumph, tears, heart break, and dirty pieces of trash stabbing you in the back. So sit back, grab a drink, and read the abbreviated story of The Wrestling Nation!

It all started in a rat-hole in Manassas and a promotion called KYDA (Keep Your Dreams Alive). I received a phone call one afternoon from Frank asking if I wanted to go check out this place and watch some wrestling. They hadn’t done a show in a while and this was going to be there return. Figuring I had nothing better going on I took Frank up on his offer and we met up one evening in the lovely town of Manassas, VA to watch some wrestling. Going in I had no expectations. I truly hadn’t seen an INDY show in a long time and since I personally never heard of KYDA before didn’t think we would see much more then some kids hoping to one day make a name for themselves.

Upon putting the address into my GPS and finding the location I got my first bad news. Can anyone say fire hazard? KYDA had a little whole in the wall located directly behind a porn shop that from the outside looked to be about the size of my living room. We waited in line, tickets in hand, actually looking forward to seeing what would happen. The doors opened and everyone in line filed in, grabbing seats on the way. I do believe for that first show we were in the second row. It might have been at that point where I decided to NEVER sit anyplace other then front row. Anyway, we sat with a packed house…now when I say packed house, this place could not hold more then 60 people inside. I turned to the guy next to me, who come to find out was actually training at KYDA, and asked who we should cheer for. He started to run down names of guys that were wrestling and I had to stop him…maybe make myself a little more clear. Who is the biggest asshole in this place! He said Christian York! Now this was a name that I knew of during his time in ECW. Holy shit, Christian York is wrestling here at KYDA? The show just got a million times better. So we watched and booed, and made people mad, all of the great things you want to see when we are around. Then as Christian York made his way out everyone started to boo…except us. This would be a trend that would carry over show after show after show.

Our group grew bigger during this time. Now Todd was sitting center front row with us as we let everyone know how we felt. If you tried in the ring we would give you props…if you sucked we would let you know about it. Our little group had become the York Nation! We were the most hated guys at every show. Hell, the guy that ran the promotion hated us. Sad thing, we made that show what it was. You can go ask the guys that wrestled there…they will tell you! And that too made the owner upset. We were marks…we were the guys everyone hated…we had turned KYDA into a show you wanted to go see, even if you thought your life was in danger. That was when the York Nation started taking our show on the road. We would go to other shows and people knew who we were. Hell, at KYDA shows we would leave and people would ask us for pictures and autographs…yes hard to believe but we did sign stuff. It started getting out of hand.

Then came that fateful night when KYDA was shut down. Anyone that was at the show will tell you how funny and sad it was at the same time. To be watching a show and turn to see the police and athletic committee walk in and shut them down. Remember the fire hazard comment…that is why it was shut down. Too many people in the building…fire code! About half way through the show we were all told we had to leave. KYDA was finished until it made its, half-assed, return to the fair grounds a few months later. From there the product fell off. KYDA became the stomping ground for its kids training. No talent on the shows anymore, fans dwindling to nothing…dead! That is how KYDA is going to end! End of story!

That might have been when we decided to take this thing to the next level. We started seeing how much promotion we were doing for KYDA…how many people were now coming to the shows, and it made us think. If we can do this for KYDA we can do this for anyone. And that is exactly what we started to do. We were promoting every show that was in the area. And I would like to think we were making a difference. Around this time Jon joined the group. Now Jon was nothing more then one of the bathroom boys, a real piece of shit. We took this kid and molded him, turning him into something respectable. Hell, we promoted his stuff more then he did. There was a point where I looked at this guy as my little brother. Things I had been through in my life he was going through now. I had a chance to pass along whatever little knowledge I have to someone who actually cared to hear about it.

That would be when The Wrestling Nation started. We were going to shows…we were getting interviews…getting videos of the events and pushing them like they had never been pushed before. I made a ton of contacts during this time with people who are heavy hitters in the INDY wrestling scene. People I now consider friends. They helped us and we helped them.

There was a point where it looked like we were going to start getting paid for this hard work. We were bringing INDY wrestling to the fans, to the people who maybe didn’t get a chance to go to the shows. And not only the wrestling, but behind the scenes stuff that you would never have seen. We were doing that! First the myspace page was started…facebook was next…then the real deal. A real website dedicated to what we were doing. was born and took off. Hits were coming in fast and we were cranking out stuff for everyone. I was in Indiana on business when I got a call from Jon saying we were going to start doing the video work for MCW. The dream had come true. We were going to have a chance to show the world that we were legit. The Wrestling Nation and Fallangel Productions were about to take off like a rocket. We also were told about a show in New Jersey where the guy was going to pay us. BAM! It was now on. We had made it. First the great news about MCW then this? Not to mention the stuff we had been doing for Velocity Pro? It was like some crazy dream. But that was when it all came back to reality.

We film MCW for the first time. Frank was running the hard cam. Jon was at ringside. I was roaming around the arena getting some good shots, all three of us from different locations. We get home that night…upload all the videos. The next morning we are going over everything and I hear Jon telling me he can’t use our footage. He can only use his. That was when it all started. This piece of shit didn’t want to use our stuff. And I never saw it before, but looking back at any films we all did together he never used our footage. After I would get him into shows, get him into interviews with stars, hell, get him into shows for fucking free…this is how I get treated. That went on for a short time before it had to come to an end! The show we were going to be paid for…Jon called me one day and said he wanted to do the show by himself. This little un-grateful piece of trash wanted to cut us right out. Now people had seen his stuff before us, but it doubled when he was with us because of the promotion I would give it. And again, this is my thanks for helping him. But, still had the nerve to say we were still doing MCW as a team right? A Team? You have to be kidding me. There was no team! We cut ties with Jon and Fallangel Productions. Probably the best thing to ever happen to us as a TEAM! The Wrestling Nation kept MCW as our own project. We are the only ones that can film at Velocity Pro. Hell, we now have a stake in MCW. And to think the last words that piece of garbage ever said to me was “You’re going to need me!” I need him like I need another asshole to be honest. And tell me you piece of trash, how did that paid show turn out for you? Oh that’s right, about 30 people were there watching. So you can keep shit like that. And tell your friend Curt to suck my dick too. You see, this guy runs video off a digital camera, though now it looks like he finally got a camcorder. All of his videos look shaky and shitty. Give you a headache watching them. So Jon, good luck my friend. Keep running shows that have 30 people at them. You keep putting out shit after shit. You are worthless and if you ever are near me I will beat those shitty tats right off your body! Film that!

Anyway, The Wrestling Nation has become your number 1 source for INDY wrestling. Maryland Championship Wrestling…Velocity Pro Wrestling…two heavy hitters on the INDY scene trust there videos to us! I’m not going to sit here and say we are the best, but we are pretty damn close to it.

So there you have it…a quick and brief history of The Wrestling Nation! This blog is going to be used to try and keep you up to date as much as humanly possible with what’s going on with us. You want the inside scoop of some of the shows we have been too…You will read it here first. So thank you all. Please make sure you check out for everything INDY wrestling. Hit up our youtube and pages for all our videos. Myspace is always a great way to keep up with the latest updates on everything we are doing, so if your on myspace look us up at

Stay tuned…this is only the beginning!