Thursday, January 22, 2009

A True Wrestling Love Story!

Fans, sit back as I am going to weave a story that is filled with love, love lost, anger, hatred, and jealousy. A story that starts in Philadelphia, PA at a Velocity Pro wrestling show. The Wrestling Nation was on hand to witness something special, show our support, and to film Nation TV.

It was a fun filled evening as we talked to wrestling star after wrestling star. We filmed a great show that night. And what started out as a simple interview with the ever so lovely Noel Harlow turned into something that words make it hard to explain. As I stood there asking her about her career there was a spark. A moment when our eyes met and both of us could feel that tension in the air. But being the professional that I am I continued the interview. I pushed aside the feelings that were starting to over take me and I asked yet another question until it got to the point that I could not take it any longer. I let out what my heart was holding back and told her just how beautiful she is really is. Now I know Todd was taken back at what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe what was going down right before his very eyes. But it just couldn’t be stopped. That is until that bastard Niles Young had to walk into our interview. He had to come in and ruin what was becoming something on the verge of being great. He had the nerve to grab his lady and move her to the side then brutally attack me. Slap me across my chest then throw me through an open door. Now I could not tell you what happened next as I lay face down in a dark hallway with not only a bruised chest but a bruised ego as well.

Here is the aftermath of what happened. It has taken me several months to get over the attack and actually watch this. But this is what happened after I was thrown through a door.

Now fans I am not a wrestler. I have never been trained to get into the ring. Yet was attacked by this mad man. A man that just doesn’t seem to get it that his lovely lady may have eyes for another. Let’s be real Niles, and yes I will call you Niles, you have lost the war my friend. I know you were off watching that interview and it made you nervous. Noel has a job to do when she is at ringside and that is to distract your opponent and she does that like no other with her beauty and sexual suggestions. But this was not at ringside, this was in a simple interview and you couldn’t stand the fact that we have chemistry. That what looked like simple flirting was so much more then that. A bond was born that evening…a bond that carries over to this very day. Yes Niles…to this very day! I know you two are having problems…trust me I hear it all the time in the phone calls and emails I get from Noel. You’re a bastard! You don’t respect her and you don’t treat her like a lady should be. Noel should be treated like a Queen!

But enough of him…lets continue on with this love story. Over the next several weeks there were plenty of emails going back and forth. I would sit at home and feel bad hearing about how horrible her day was. How she would come home to find him sitting on the couch doing nothing. Never lifting a finger to help. Never offering to step up like a man and help take care of issues. Instead he would yell…he would scream. The Nation was on its way to MCW to film a show when I got an email on my phone. It was from my heart Noel! She was scheduled to be on the show that night. We were going to yet again be able to spend time together and let our love grow. But her email turned my stomach. She was not going to be able to make it due to her being sick but would make it up to me, that she promised. Now I have to say that it hurt to not see her. Knowing we were going to a show that I was all jacked up to see because of her and now she was not going to be there. I had a very heavy heart that night. I am thankful for my Nation brothers who helped me on that night. Without them I do not believe I would have made it through.

But it was not all bad that evening. Noel’s email did say she had a surprise for me and what a surprise it was! We were finishing up filming that night and getting ready to leave when we saw Chrissy Rivera sitting by herself. I walked over to say good night when she handed me a piece of paper. On this paper was a phone number…the phone number of an angel! It was none other then Noel’s number. I was now in heaven! Our relationship had just taken the next step and we were on the track to being a couple.

At the end of Nation TV you can see the entire exchange between myself and Chrissy. What you will also see at the end if me talking to Noel on the phone. And what a conversation it was!!! It was during this talk that she told me she was sorry for Niles attacking me. She also went on to tell me how they were having major issues in there relationship and how she wanted to be with me. To hear those sweet words come out of the mouth of an angel made my night. I don’t even remember making it home to be honest. It was at this point that I think I was the most happiest I had been since my son was born. The thought of having this lovely woman with me, on my side and at my shoulder…my words will never do it justice.

Now over the next few months our relationship had grown. My only concern was the fact that she was still with him. He pretty much had her trapped into that relationship but we were working on getting her out. Every night she would call me and I would tell her Good Night as he would be downstairs living a different life. They were more like room mates then anything. There was a bond that could not be broken between us…and the first time she told me she loved me…was simply amazing!

Let’s fast forward a little bit. Again in Philly and again I get the chance to see my love. The Nation shows up in full force for another great Velocity Pro show. We are there to film the show and try and get some stuff for our website and Nation TV! When out of the corner of my eye I see the most beautiful woman ever…it’s my Noel! What was pure joy quickly turned to anger as I see Niles Young walk in behind her. This piece of trash turns and tosses his bag to her as he walks off leaving her to take care of everything. I tried to ignore it but it was just too much. Todd had to pull me aside and remind me why we were there. So I turned a blind eye to that garbage and continued to set up. After a few moments I hear my name being called. I turn to see Noel running over towards us. She jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest, most complete hug I have ever received. I was filled with nothing but love at that moment. She kissed me on the cheek and said she would catch up to me later that evening then ran back across the room.

We filmed the show and did our thing. It was a great show from top to bottom. As we were getting ready to leave for the evening I happened to see Noel standing off in a corner freezing. She was shaking it was so cold. Standing behind her, in a long warm looking coat was Niles Young. What kind of sick bastard would just stand there and let his “love” freeze like that? I had to make my move! This was turning my stomach. Todd and I walked up as I saw Niles head off. I asked Todd to go keep him busy for just a moment so I could say my Good Byes and make this situation right. Take a look…

I am getting sick and tired of people coming up from behind me and attacking me. At what point will this “man” stand face to face with me? I will answer that, never! Niles Young is a coward. He can’t stand the fact that he has lost his woman to the better man! That he can’t satisfy her like I can!

You have seen how this animal is in videos. Let me tell you another story about Niles Young. I sent Noel a letter in the mail. Of course I didn’t put it from me…come one? I asked Noel if she got it…she said no. This damn bastard is going through her mail and got rid of my letter before she ever saw it. How sick is that? So fans, at the expense of my own dignity…I will post the letter I sent her here…for the entire world to see.


I am taking a moment to think of you, which follows all the moments I think of you, which fill my day.

And in this moment, I am thinking of your lips, your eyes, your features and your figure; your warmth as I hold you; the smell of your hair as we kiss -- all the things that excite me when I look at you and am near you.

I am thinking of them, and reflecting how little they mean when I also think of you -- the inner you. The soul I have come to know and cherish, for your kindness with people, your gentle manners, and the way you strive to be a better person every day. This is what I love. The you that I know last forever, and that I intend to be with forever.

I love you so much for all that you do and all that you really are. Thank you for everything.

Yours Truly,


A lot of time and effort went into this letter and it was destroyed by a man that just can’t handle the fact that his time came and went. My friend, you are on your way out so come to grips with that fact. Once you do your day will be so much better. And maybe one day you will understand why this happened Niles. You will see the errors of your way and learn to treat your women better and with respect. Then, and only then, will you find true love…the very same love that Noel and I share.


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