Monday, January 12, 2009

ROH in Manassas!

Well fans I am back with another thoughtful and deep blog about the goings on within The Wrestling Nation. For the few of you that have checked them out I say thank you! Spread the good word because...well I think I have some pretty damn good stuff to talk about. Before I get into the heart of what this blog will be about I want everyone to go check out Make that stop on a daily basis! Make sure you check us out on Rage TV with Maryland Championship Wrestling as well. Send them an email telling them just how great we are on the show! It would really bring a smile to my face. Something else that would make me smile, make sure you boycott shitty tats and all of his garbage he puts out. Send that rip off an email as well telling him how much he sucks out loud. Todd went into it in his latest Mayhem Report ( about how much this kid has ripped us off with idea after idea. No need for me to do it, but just look at the end of his videos with the snowy TV...MY IDEA! Anyway, lets get down to it shall we?

Friday night, January 16th 2009...Ring of Honor makes its return to Manassas, VA. Anyone that was at the first two shows knows they brought it! They turned the crappy Sports Network & Fitness place into a great showcase for that talent. Now before I get into the shows lets talk about this crap hole for a minute. The place sucks! There I said it. Its a horrible place to put on a wrestling show. Anyone that has ever seen this place or been to it knows what I am talking about. Its an indoor soccer/every other sport you can think of building. The place smells like a toilet, which it only has one of btw! Nothing like standing in ankle deep urine as your favorite ROH star runs in to dump out before his match. But they try...and pull it off to a small degree. I guess once the lights go out and the wrestling starts you forget the death trap is even there. You get caught up in the chants and the action and until the show is over you are transported to an actual venue watching some of the greatest wrestling on the planet!

Anyway, the first two Manassas shows were legit. The very first one very well might go down as one of the better shows I have ever seen personally. The second, though a notch below the first, was very well put together and the action was non-stop. I am very interested to see how it goes this week. The other shows were the beginning of the weekend. ROH was putting on a huge shows the following nights. That is not the case here, which you can tell by looking at the booked talent for that night. In previous shows we have been treated to Japanese wrestling at its finest. Not at this show. Now I am not saying this show doesn't look good because it does, we just don't get the people from over seas this time. But lets talk about the show itself shall we?

We are going to see Sean Denny take on Rhett Titus! Sean is a friend of the Nation. We have seen this guy wrestle many times and he has always been good to us. We like this guy a lot and its great to see him return to ROH. But he is going up against Rhett Titus. If you don't know who this guy is you need to go right now and look him up on youtube or something. Rhett is a great guy that has done some stuff for us in the past. His character is perfectly done and you have to be a fan. Sean is very stiff in the ring and I expect this to be a great match. If this opens the show it will kick it off perfectly.

In tag team action we will see Brent Albright and Erik Stevens take on Damien Wayne and his partner Chris Escobar. Damien is another friend of The Wrestling Nation and again, glad to see him back in ROH. Brent Albright and Erik Stevens are ROH staples and are both bad ass. The last time we saw Erik Stevens wrestle he was busted open at the beginning of the match and wrestled the entire time covered in blood. It was flowing out of his face like a water fall people! Its going to be a great tag team match!

Now any other time this match would be great to watch, but fans we are in Virginia so that just took the life out of it. In VA you are not allowed to bleed, and that is what Necro Butcher is known for. Now the last time he was here he did bleed a little and I have no idea how they got around that one. But Friday night he takes on Delirious and again, great looking match on paper. The no blood takes away from it a little, but it is what it is. Now I am not expecting some scientific wrestling match here folks, it should be a knock down drag out fight.

Austin Aries vs. Jerry Lynn...if this were 5 years ago I would be all for it. I am a fan of both guys but Jerry Lynn is getting old fans. His matches consist of arm drags and more arm drags...and more arm drags...and...well you get the picture. This is a good filler match and I know the fans will be into it, but I cant put my stamp on this one.

But this match I can...the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards taking on Roderick Strong and half of the baddest tag team on the planet today, Jay Briscoe. Mark was injured at the hands of these guys earlier so Jay had to find a tag team partner. Roderick Strong is a monster in the ring and this match will be everything its billed to be. Really the only thing missing are both Briscoes but you take what you can. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are top notch, no doubt about that at all. I don't think I can describe this match with simple words. All I can say is you need to be there to watch it!

"Best in the World" "Best in the World" "Best in the World" That is what you will be hearing Friday night as "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson takes on Jimmy Jacobs. I am sorry and I know what I am going to say is going to hurt some people, if they even read this, but Bryan is going to eat Jimmy alive. Jacobs was thrown to the wolves here folks. Dont get me wrong, Jimmy Jacobs is as talented as anyone on the planet but he is going against a monster. The first time we saw Danielson I asked Todd why they called this guy the best in the world...well he proved it that night. He has proven it every night we have seen him in the ring. I think its going to be a fun match to watch...but when you hear the fans chant "Your going to get your fucking head kicked in!" You know its on!

Main event people...or at least you would think. Nigel McGuiness takes on Tyler Black. Could have been a great match...then they said it was non-title. Nigel will not be putting the ROH World Title on the line that night. To me, that lets the entire match down. No doubt it will be a great match but its...blah! ROH is all but telling me that Tyler will win this match but since its non-title it means nothing. Some people will be happy as hell because Tyler won and they will come out and say how he deserves a title show...and he does, just not now. The one time I met this kid he was pretty good to talk too. Tyler Black is talented. Scary talented for a guy that young in this business. And I am sure at some point he will become ROH World Champion...I just don't think it will happen anytime soon. And by that I say in the next 6 months. Could he be champ by the end of the year...sure. Nigel has the full package. The guy is talented, he can work the mic, he has it all. I have never heard Tyler talk other then backstage. For all I know the guy is a damn mute! If the split of AOTF is what is going to push this kid to the title then great. Get him over as a face and see what happens. All I am saying is there are people that should get that title before him...but must my opinion. So you can take it for what its worth. But anyway, the match should be good but the Non-title thing has taken my excitement and lowered it a little.

Well that's my look at the ROH show this Friday night. Be on the look out for results on and our take on the show itself. Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


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